Bhairavgarh  Prints – Bhairavgarh situated at the bank of river Kshipra, has been   the  centre of attraction for craftsmen of colours for centuries, due to favourable chemical composition of its soil and water .

Though from the  historical angle the  background  of advent of  dying  and  printing i s  not   known,  but the ” Tarunakaragam ”  dressed  heroin   or  the” Hansachinha “dukulwan” gladded   hero  of the    great poet kalidas, represent the colorful    dresses of  the   golden  age. The Bhagva  cloak  of   Sanyasi  (Hermit)    or  the  Keshria   apparel of the gallant  soldiers, is the symbol  of correspondence relevance of the colours.Number of evidences are available of the State patronage, provided to the craftsmen of colours. That is the reason, why this tradition of Bhairavgarh Print, which started with blocks, made of potatoes and Bandhej, has passed through its long journey through the blocks of soil or wood and further through alijarin chemical and screen printing process to provide livelihood to about 150 families of Bhairavgarh. Mechanization of dying and printing, has affected the work of the craftsmen, but they have kept their tradition alive by fighting spirit, efficiency and adopting the methods of works, according to time and market demand. Even in the presently ongoing trend of “Classic ” and ” Exclusive ” the demand of traditional fabric has gone up among upper and middle class.